Twenty Twelve

The 2012 event will be held at Trefriw Rugby Club near Betws-y-Coed, on 7/8 July and is being organised by Jay Butters & Joe Firebeard .

Event blog at

9 Responses to Twenty Twelve

  1. bethesdabakers says:

    Can we do it in September/beginning October this coming year?

    Brad Prezant

    (For people who don’t know Brad, he came to the first Bethesdabakin’ and hosted the following year’s event (what we call the Luxury Bake) in France. He now lives in New Zealand which is why the timing of the next event is important to him)

  2. Matt Bourne says:

    Great to hear this! Thanks Jay for coming forward with the offer of hosting it. I had to cut short last year due to family circumstances, so to make another bread pilgrimage to Snowdonia is going to be special.


  3. firebeard says:

    Thanks Mick for getting the ball rolling, I think this has been a great series of events and am very keen that they should continue.

    It is great that Jay wants to host the next event. Personally I am always glad to have an excuse to visit Wales a country where I have spent very little time since my school days. Now that you have sent the email round and got this discussion started maybe we should give folks a couple of weeks to respond. I have not heard from any one else with a possible location in mind but it gives folks a chance to come forward if they have been making plans.

    As for the date I guess July or August, basically the school and university summer holiday would probably suit most people best. Also it is probably the time of year we have the best chance of good weather for camping. For me personally the date is not too important so long as we get it fixed as early as possible so I can plan round it. We need to listen to folks opinions about the timing and try to accommodate where possible but at the end of the day it has to be held at a time which is convenient for the host.

    Brad I would like to meet you, it sounds like you held a brilliant event in France where folks had a great time. If it ends up that you are not in the UK for this years baking weekend maybe we could organise a bit of a get together when you are here.


  4. The Cornish Exile says:

    Hi all.

    Yes, thank you Mick and Jay for getting the show on the road once again. Jay’s proposal sounds great to me – like Joe, I’m never sad to visit north Wales.

    As for timings, my summer plans for next year are all over the place. I could probably commit to something between mid/end of July and early August, but I’ll have to wait until probably next-year before I know for sure beyond that. I wouldn’t be able to make anything in October.

    Looking forward to it already.


  5. stig23 says:

    Wales again would be wonderful. Thank you Jay for the proposal. Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage a date which worked for Brad this year – what about tempting Jeremy back too? My own dates – not between 27 July and end of Aug, ie mid July or Sept/Oct are good.

    If it does happen, and if I am able to come, I’d like to find a way to be more actively helpful this year. In London, no car – but otherwise willing and able.


  6. Lance says:

    We’d both be keen to come and early July would be fine – it’d be great to see you all again.

    Lance & Claire

  7. emilydev9 says:

    We are keen to come again wherever! Many happy memories, still dining out on stories and pics from this year.

    Emily and Andrew

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