Time You People Started Planning

Big G just emailed to ask what baking facilities are going to be available particularly because we have a large group of bakers.

This was my reply: “Well, the rugby club has a hit & miss Falcon 6 burner with a double oven underneath + a convection oven which will bake about 4 large loaves at a time. I’ll take down my Blue Seal which will take 6 large loaves and I’m going to try to borrow the same model from a café in the village which is only used a couple of days a week for baking cakes. So even ignoring the Falcon that would be 16 large loaves an hour. Plus I’m hoping Joe will get his mobile oven down + there’s some interest in building a clay oven.

Basically I’ll take down all my kit and Rick will bring up some racks by Saturday. There are two stainless steel work tables down there already. I have a friend who will lend three more. If everyone brings their personal kit, people will have to be disciplined about sharing work space and cleaning up after themselves, but we should be fine.”

Time you people started to talk to each other on the blog because it’s down to you to plan the event.

My feeling is we should close the event to other bakers and people who haven’t bothered to confirm they are coming but these decisions are down to you collectively.

I have some customers who might well want to join in and who might want to be involved in in a mud oven building.

We need a list of partners who are coming with named bakers and to know if they are coming as bakers or just involved in meals. Plus numbers camping, caravans, etc.


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10 Responses to Time You People Started Planning

  1. carllegge says:

    Hi Mick

    I guess that’s a nudge 🙂

    I’ve never been involved in one of these before. Do you, or someone else who has, have a sample of what the plan might look like? Are you talking about scheduling oven times and having slots for specific types of loaves/techniques?

    I’m happy to go with more experienced members views on closing down numbers. Just to say about 30 people are ‘confirmed’ which is a fair few.



  2. Matthew Bourne says:

    I was thinking what Carl has said. Mick could you maybe give a flavour of the running order of previous gatherings to give an idea of content and structure?

  3. bethesdabakers says:

    I suppose I asked for that. About this time in the proceedings I start to feel a bit isolated and, at my age, ratty because no one is jumping up and down with enthusiasm (on the blog anyway).

    “Content & Structure”! At the end of the day people turn up and bake, form alliances, cook food and eat together. The odd drink might be taken. Last year people produced guitars and sang. In all the anarchy things seem to work.

    I was idly thinking that with 30 or so, bakers might need to book baking slots but we never did anything as organised as that before.

    It helps if people announce things they particularly want to do because then they can link up with other bakers who want to achieve the same.

    I’m just aware I’m off to France in a couple of weeks time and won’t be back until four weeks before the event.

    There’s no hierarchy – people can do what they want – but we need to talk to each other. Plus things like oven-building take planning.

  4. I’m here now – Mick has drafted me !

  5. There’s been a bit of chat going on on twitter about oven building & it seems there are a few of us up for it. We think we’d need to arrive on 29th or 30th in order to have it in use on the Saturday.

    We need to know if we can access the site from the 29th, whether there’s a suitable site for building & where we might get materials. Can you answer any of these questions Mick or know who we should contact – the rugby club?

    If any one else is on twitter, we’re using the hashtag #BB5 . I guess it’s a good place to throw some ideas around, but we need to make sure any firm suggestions get transferred to this blog.

  6. Can I suggest that one of you start a new post with the title Oven Building and tick the category box made for that, then all the discussion can take place on that post? Maybe cut and paste your comments and thoughts over there? Ditto for any other topic headings that might be of interest… 🙂

  7. Joanna, forgive my ignorance, how do I start a new post instead of just replying to existing ones? And what/where is the category box?

    • Good Morning! Not at all, ask away, all these different blogging platforms have different admin etc.. I’ve just added you as an author, so you should be able to log in and write/start a post now.

      but you should be able to login to the blog and go to the area known as the Dashboard where you can write a new post. Can you give it a go and let Mick or me know if you manage to do it.

  8. I’m looking at sorting my accomodation and transport, so what time is kick off on the Friday and is it finishing Sunday or Monday and roughly when?

    Had a nose through vartious threads and couldn’t find these bits of info.

    At the mo, looks like it’ll probably be just me but will advise if the other half changes her mind and wants to come along to join us for meals.

  9. rick says:

    Great that you can join us Chris.
    Generally in the past ,Friday evening is normally a time of people arriving and saying hello, so no fixed timetable, also until we hear from Mick not sure what sort of access we will have to the Rugby club that night.But would advise you to book in somewhere Friday night ready for a prompt start 8-9ish Saturday morning.
    Most of the activity will take place Sat/ Sunday and generally people start to move off from late Sunday afternoon onwards depending on their home or work commitments.There will be a group of us though who will be there Sunday evening so there will be food etc .
    Hope this helps

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