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It is a really good idea if everyone who wants to come to this event subscribes to this blog. Mick has plonked an admin hat on my head so I have taken the liberty of adding a subscription and registration widget in the sidebar.  Subscription is free.

If you want to start posts you will need to register with WordPress too. You do not need to do this in order to reply or comment on posts, only if you want to start them.

You do not need to have a blog with WordPress. If you do want one, they are free.  Click register, again in the sidebar (not the pictures below)  and then, assuming you don’t want a blog, click the bit where it says ‘sign up for just a username’ and the  window will change as in the second picture below, fill that part in and you should then be able to start posts here.  If it doesn’t work for you email me with the exact email address you used to register at WordPress, (other email addresses won’t work)  and either Mick or I will add you as a contributor to the blog.  Like all these sorts of things, you only have to do them once and then it should be easy enough after that.  If this makes no sense, let us know!

Please subscribe and add a little comment in the replies to say you have done this so that everyone knows that everyone else is in the loop. For those of you who use an RSS Feed I have added RSS Feed links in the sidebar for posts and comments.

It really is an open-ended feast of an event, so suggestions for broad headings or posts that we can get together on to work out what we want to do in advance would be good.

I’ve got a list of suggested post titles here which I could whip up, mostly full of questions which you should have a go at answering. The more we know about what we want the more likely we are to please everybody after all.

  • Transport, Lift Shares, Timetables, Arrivals and Departure Dates, Who’s bringing who
  • Accommodation
  • Facilities
  • Oven Building
  • Meals
  • Supplies and Ingredients
  • Baking Kit
  • Teaching Offers/teaching requests/demos/
  • What I want to get out of this – a chance to reveal all
  • Entertainment
  • Baking Techniques
  • Test Bakes/ Comparative Bakes – we’ve got the space and time to do one or two of these?
  • Any other suggestions? Offers to write posts?

As some of you may know I write a blog and it does take up a fair bit of time so these posts will be a bit rough and ready if I do them all, but I am happy to start them off if this will be of use, of course if someone else wants to start a post off or suggest some other titles….


Your first mission is to subscribe to the blog and reply saying you have done so..and if you know where the picture above was taken the first person to answer correctly will be rewarded in some breadly way in July!

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9 Responses to Subscribe to the Blog

  1. carllegge says:

    Hi Joanna

    Good work! Happy to help share the load with admin duties if you would like.

    Looks like Bethesda Chapel Mill Shop to me 🙂



  2. Great stuff Carl!
    Post away. Start posts with good titles and lets help Mick and ourselves as much as we can. If you start a post, you can then manage the comments on it, as you have I think realized already. Once someone has had their first comment approved by the post author, they can then write further comments without needing approval. That is how it is currently set up. If you write the post then you can edit it, but you can’t edit someone else’s post as an ‘author’.

    How about a Food post from you? Ask the questions we need answering in the post…

  3. Here is a link to the WordPress page on posting via email to the blog. So for those of you who are happy writing emails and putting photos in them, this is an easy way to post here and you can post from anywhere you can send an email from and from any device. You need to login once to the Dashboard to set up your ‘secret email address’ and then you can post away by email.

  4. Matt Bourne says:

    I’m happy to offer someone a lift – do you guys want to start a car share thread?


  5. emilydev9 says:

    I’ve subscribed but does that mean I am only notified of new threads and probably have to subscribe separately to comments?

    • Hi Emily, Yes I think it does. The other alternative is to use the RSS feed to show you when there are new comments. I think, though I am not 100% sure that if you write the original post then you get notified of all comments, like on your own blog. HTH Joanna

  6. anne says:

    Hi All,
    I think we just subscribed. All new to me, so apologies if I post things in the wrong sections.
    Anne and Andy ( Felin Ganol)

  7. Hi Anne and Andy, you should be able to author posts now. Login with your username and password and that’s it. Any problems leave a comment here and I will try and help 🙂

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