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They say an army marches on its stomach. I know baking types need to keep the energy levels up with excellent nosh too.

So could everyone please let us know by commenting on this post:

  • are you an omnivore, veggy, vegan or something else in your dietary habit
  • will you be bringing or prepping your own food because of any special requirements
  • does anyone have a wish to sample a particular style of food or particular recipe while at BB5?

Could we also know who is:

  • keen to assist with meal prep
  • prepared to cook or showcase a particular style of cooking or signature dish
  • able to bring special ingredients?




About Carl Legge

Food writer, smallholder and permaculturalist.
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15 Responses to Meals, food, catering

  1. carllegge says:

    I’ll start 🙂

    I’m an omnivore, happy to eat any good food lovingly prepared.

    I like cooking so I’m keen to help prep meals.

    I am happy to illustrate how to build, light & cook over a campfire if anyone would be interested (and if we’re allowed to build fires).

    I can bring herbs from my garden.


  2. Saturday is the most complicated day to organize because everyone wants to be baking, ovens, trays, sheets etc are all being used to the max but it is the day that we will probably all be there. I would like to put in a request that we don’t make individual pizzas for the evening meal, it’s very labour intensive or if someone is dead keen to do pizzas can we do it on baking trays as big ones that get cut up?

    It would be good if at least some of the breads/baking we make on Saturday are destined for supper though. Flatbread working party? Pasty party? Roll and fancy braiding brigade?

    Meant to ask Mick about hot water and washing up – what are the arrangements at the Rugby club ?

  3. bethesdabakers says:

    Hot water, deep S/S sinks. Enough plates & cutlery for two rugby teams +.

  4. sgratch says:

    Like Carl, I eat anything lovingly/thoughtfully produced/prepared.

    As stated elsewhere, I’m very happy to help with any food prep.

    I guess with so many of us we’ll need to keep it fairly simple. Big pots of soup or chilli or curry? Are there big pans to cook in (10-15L)?

    Would be interested in campfire/dutch oven/hot stone baking & cooking, fire pits, BBQ and the like.

    Would also be interested in trying Mick’s legendary tortillas!

    Limited in what I can bring, though doubtless will be packing some dried chillis and/or chilli sauce!

    I’ll mention this here, for further elaboration on the oven building post, that since there seems to be a lot of interest in oven building maybe we can also do a tandoor? I haven’t looked into the practicalities of this at all, but will do asap.

    I really hope we can utilise all the bread we make & keep waste to an absolute minimum. I guess some will want to take bread home; are there plenty of willing locals willing to give a happy home/stomach to anything that’s left over?

  5. bethesdabakers says:

    “I’d be interested in trying Mick’s legendary tortillas” – would that be Spanish or Mexican?

    For your interest, Jay Butters, friend, legendary local baker, builder of ovens, maker and thrower of boomerangs will be bringing his outdoor cooking kit and will probably want some influence on the weekends menus.

  6. emilydev9 says:

    I am happy to help prep/cook/whatever, but perhaps not be responsible for a whole meal. Re. dietary preferences, I don’t eat pork or beef, otherwise quite flexible.


  7. thecornishexile says:

    I will eat anything and everything. My dad won’t eat red meat. Very happy to help out with meal prep, as I think most people will be from past experience.

    Agree wholeheartedly with Joanna re individual pizzas, unless we can find a way of searing initials onto the toppings!

    There have been cakes and puddings made in the past as well, and I don’t think leftovers have ever been much of a problem (although over eating might have been).

  8. stig23 says:

    Hello all – I’ll eat anything, and am happy to prep or cook. Agree with Joanna – for the numbers involved, let’s avoid pizza and do some big vats of something which will bubble away looking after itself. Stig

  9. lynnewatson says:


    I too will eat and enjoy anything. Happy to assist with food prep.


  10. I too will eat anything that hasn’t been tainted with mustard/horserdish/cucumber, even greens, if I fancy them! Can also probably source almost anything, from Artichokes to Tonka beans, given sufficient notice.
    I can also bring fresh yeast if no-one else can get….but wait isnt there an ingredients section somewhere…

  11. rick says:

    Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet. Been a bit busy with bakery.
    Talked with Mick and Jay a bit back about getting some sort of food menu outline. Have looked at various things, out door fire might not be very easy as finding a suitable spot might be tricky, Terry will be bringing Jay Emery’s portable oven.
    Okay if we use the portable oven for our evening meal Saturday this will keep other ovens free for bread baking that day.
    Sunday, the Rugby club cooker has some large ring burners on top so a big Minestrone Soup that day would keep all ovens, including the portable free for lots and lots of bread and related baking.
    so , suggest the following outline for a menu:
    Friday Evening.. Nothing arranged get own food .
    Sat. Breakfast. Organise yourselves.
    Sat. Lunch. Ploughman’s on the go. Bread ( I’m baking Friday night so will sling a few extra loaves in) cheese,humous,Pate, spreads, lettuce, pickles etc. ( IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING BY CAR AND HAVE TIME TO MAKE SOMETHING TO ADD TO THIS MEAL IT WILL BE APPRECIATED )
    SAT EVENING: As Zeb suggested let’s eat some of what we make so:Flat Breads baked in the portable oven plus let’s make BIG BOWLS of SALAD to go with it ( leave out the spanish organic cucumber )
    SUN Breakfast : Arrange yourselves.
    SUN Lunch. BIG THICK SOUP with bread as by then we will be swimming in it !! This will allow all ovens to be free for baking.
    SUN Evening Often numbers start to thin out by evening , so Jacket Potatoes with various fillings might be a nice way to end our meals. There should be oven space by then, except of course Ben and Joe might well be STILL BAKING.
    Monday Breakfast. Sort yourselves out / help clear up if still around and have coffee together before we all leave.
    I will bring some bread for Saturday lunch and a sack of spuds for Sunday night.
    If you can bring any food that will fit into menu somewhere please do and can you , if possible, post a mention of what you will bring,thanks.
    Otherwise, would a couple of people be willing to volunteer to shop each morning at the local Londis ( 200 yds away) for food needed for the day(.Money will come from the kitty ). That way we are putting some money into local shops and also only buying according to our people numbers and need.

    Sorry that’s long and I hope I’ve covered most things, I’m not able to post much because of time constraints so please bear with me if you ask aquestion a reply may be slow in coming.
    Looking forward to seeing people I’ve met before and really looking forward to meeting new people and baking with you
    P.s. Well Mick did warn you I don’t do short chats!!!!!!!

  12. Lance says:

    Hi, We are two enthusiastic novice bakers travelling up from Leicester on Friday morning, leaving Mon. More than happy to help with any tasks, food prep., shopping, washing up etc. Omnivorous, unfussy eaters (and drinkers!) Basically, coming to contribute and to learn!

    Lance and Claire

  13. bethesdabakers says:

    That’s the spirit. Don’t forget the Everards!


  14. stig23 says:

    Hi Rick, Mick – Rick’s suggestions sound good. I don’t have a car but happy to be sent across to Londis. stig

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