Car shares

Matt Bourne says:

I’m happy to offer someone a lift – do you guys want to start a car share thread?

Matt here you go.

Please all remember that this blog can be viewed by anyone and be careful about posting personal information. Exchanging phone numbers and so is best done by email or phone via Mick or me if he’s not around as there is no direct message/private communication function on this blog.

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12 Responses to Car shares

  1. Matt Bourne says:

    Thanks Zeb. I’m heading to Bethesda from east Kent, so if anyone who is roughly en route would like a lift do let me know.


  2. emilydev9 says:

    We’re (2 of us) coming from Cambridge and carless; we’d probably ordinarily take the train but if there are cars going from East of England-ish that would be great, or we could meet up with one somewhere that’s convenient to an E-W motorway.



  3. thecornishexile says:

    Two of us will be coming from Cornwall, but we might be stopping to visit family en route in Cheshire, so probably safest to offer lifts for up to three people from around the Crewe area. Most likely we’ll head over to Bethesda early-ish on the Friday, and will probably be heading back to Crewe on the Monday.

  4. carllegge says:

    I could pick up anyone coming by train to Pwllheli or Bangor.

    • emilydev9 says:

      Hi Carl, looking back at this thread I see that you were foolish enough to offer lifts from Bangor; are you still game? If so we may take you up on it. What time are you arriving? Andrew and I are getting in at 12:15 from Euston. Does that work for you at all? If so maybe we can exchange mobile numbers by DM.


  5. emilydev9 says:

    We’ve looked into advance train fares to Bangor and they’re really cheap, so will just go ahead and book. But we may want to hook up with a lift at Bangor. Will update once we have arrival time firmed up (probably something like early afternoon Friday). Cheers!

  6. lynnewatson says:

    Is there anyone going from near Manchester that would have room for me and my tent??

  7. cannyfradock says:

    I shall be travelling up on the Friday on my own in a Citroen van from Newport S.Wales.
    …Taking the A449 to Raglan, then the A40 to Ross on Wye…on to the M50 and M5 calling in at Kidderminster to pick up the Mobile Wood-fired oven (all being well)….from there I will be making my way to Bethesda…..wherever that is !!!……anyone is welcome to join me……en route


  8. lynnewatson says:

    We’re arriving at Bangor early afternoon on Friday, just wondering if anyone is able to give us a lift from there? Anyone else getting the train and need a lift/want to share a taxi?

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