I’d like to…

I will quickly start up a post here for chat about what breads, techniques etc you are all dreaming about having a go at.

Any other post headings you want, either start a new post yourself or suggest it in a comment and I will start one for you.


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10 Responses to I’d like to…

  1. sgratch says:

    There’s a fair few suggestions over at the Some Thoughts post, maybe they could/should be moved here?

    Like Emily & Stig I’d be interested in learning more about sweet/enriched doughs, particularly ones using sourdough.

    I think it might be good to have a general sourdough Q&A or forum session as well as practical baking sessions.

    Mick has said elsewhere how many loaves can be baked at a time (16 if I remember correctly), but how many bakers can work in the kitchen at one time? Do we need to organise baking sessions more formally than (it sounds like) has been done in previous years?

  2. emilydev9 says:

    OK then, I will try to order up some of that French/Mexican/whatever yeast from King Arthur via my dad. Chocolate/sourdough bread anyone? 🙂

  3. rick says:

    On the Sunday is any one interested in getting together with me and we do an OVEN HEAT DROP BAKE in the portable oven. Basically we decide on what breads etc to go for and in what order and we all make a bread type or two each and fire up oven and go for it.?
    I agree with Geraint that an opportunity to chat in a forum type setting, maybe Saturday night ? about breads and techniques etc would be good.

    I’d like to find out more about Rye work and am hoping Nina is going to be around.


  4. Hi Rick
    I like the sound of the oven heat drop bake. How does it work and do we need to plan anything in advance? Presumably something along the lines of start with flatbreads, followed by wheat, rye, sweet/enriched…?

  5. Matt Bourne says:

    Count me in on the oven heat drop bake Rick.

    One query – I’m mindful that there is the cost of logwood (is the plan still to buy this from Jay) and the van. Presumably we’ll have a chat amongst everyone involved with the oven and work out how contribute to covering these costs?


  6. cannyfradock says:

    ….Also looking forward to a “heat drop bake”…..in the modular oven, …not sure if the results can be compared with the likes of a “fire-brick” built Pompeii or a vault oven, but I am looking forward to experimenting with this oven.

    Since the time when this Mobile (modular) wood-fired oven has been accepted as an addition to to the bethesda 5 bake…..I have been trying to improve on my attempts on making ….Naan bread, Pizza dough, Pita bread and Yorkshire flatbread/Turkish Pide……I would give my attempts so far as 10 out of 10 for effort……unfortunately the results have been somewhat under par and I am about in the region of 4 out of 10 in my own value of what I should be achieving …apart from the naan bread …..via Madhur Jaffreys recipe which doesn’t fail……I hope I can pester Rick for some tips.

    Matt…..I have borrowed the oven from Jay Emery……my mechanic has lent me his van ….with tow hitch…I am hoping to cover the cost of the towing the oven from Kidderminster to Bethesda…and back…myself ???…..Jay has only offered to sell the correct wood to us as he wants to see his oven perform at it’s maximum with the correct wood giving the best results from his oven……if anyone can contribute dry seasoned hardwood….this would be the bees knees.

    I am thinking of picking the oven up on late Friday evening so as I can pull this thing in the early hours of Friday evening/Saturday morning to avoid people like Jerremy clarkson flashing their lights at me for going too slow…..still not sure of the route from Kidderminster…Mick suggested Isle of Man…or was that Isle of Wight?…Hoping that a co-pilot can join me on-route.

    …..I’m really looking forward to the Bethesda 5 bash….


  7. Matt Bourne says:

    I’ll bring some hardwood – I’ve got some quartered seasoned logs. Good luck with the journey and if anyone gives you a hard time give them the old bakers salute!


  8. rick says:

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there until teatime Saturday as I have to do a Farmer’s market Saturday morning, but there will be plenty of time to plan an ‘oven drop bake’ for Sunday on Saturday evening.
    I’ll be bringing some wood also, so I think we’ll have plenty of wood without having to have some from Jay .
    Am looking forward to baking with you all, best of luck on the road haul Terry.

  9. PaulY says:

    Hi folks

    Finally got my act together – after a busy week last week:
    and I can now concentrate fully on this weekend.

    I am SO looking forward to this event! I’m only there for Sat and Sun, but I want to soak up as much info as possible.

    I have a twin room to myself at the Snowdonia Mountain Lodge on the Saturday night. Don’t mind sharing with someone else if anyone needs a bed that night.

    I’ll be bringing my Castmaster chiminea with me (also loads of wood, charcoal, etc), hope we can have some fun with that.

    Have a look at my (pitiful) attempts at making pizzas on there. Calzones? No problem. Pizzas? Bit hit and miss:
    If there’s anyone coming up from my neck of the woods, Taunton (or anywhere on my route), early Saturday morning, I’ll have a spare seat in my car. I’ll be travelling up the M5 via Birmingham then either M6/A55 or M6/A5.

    I’d like to contribute towards a session sometime over Sat/Sun about teaching breadmaking (I’ve been teaching breadmaking since I retired, 18 years ago) – I’m bubbling with ideas about how I can take my teaching in different directions, and I’d like to discuss some of those if anyone’s interested;

    Also – selling bread to the public in a small way (I know nothing about running a business). But for several years before teaching took over I sold my bread at the local WI shop here in Taunton. I used to take over a bakery on a Thursday afternoon and make 3 or 4 trays of loaves and rolls, plus pizzas and spicy fruit buns. My advisor from Business Link called this ‘Symbiotic breadmaking’!

    Looking forward to meeting you all!

    Cheers, Paul

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