Happy Easter

Sorry to have disappeared from the blogosphere but I’ve been been seriously busy – two 2 day individual microbakery courses in three weeks on top of everything else and trying to escape to France.

First, probably best to say, it’s very hard to run a democracy on the net. Toes get trodden on and I for one have big feet. So don’t get offended if I am less than perfect because I am. This is the fifth of these events and I would have said that planning was probably more advanced for this stage in the proceedings than for any of the others. Sorry Zeb for lack of communication and thank you for geeing up the troups and trouble-shooting.

Food planning is not really a big deal. At the first Bethesdabakin’ nothing was planned beforehand (except Sue reminds me that she had organised and made all the puddings for the three days including catering for vegans) but we all ate well. Rick has said he will coordinate the food with Jay who is going to bring his outdoor cooking gear. That doesn’t exclude anyone else – just means we have to keep on Rick’s back! I can arrange for delivery from Waitrose or Tesco, there’s a large (by our standards) Londis 100 yards from the club, a similar Spar at the other end of the village + the Sitar Indian takeaway 3 minutes walk away.

Need to plan flour and ingredients. Joe has kindly sent me a list of what they had available and quantities last year + I need to talk to Anne & Andy about their kind offer to bring flour. If you haven’t cottoned on, they run Felin Ganol, a beautiful little water mill in Mid Wales www.felinganol.co.uk. I get deliveries from Good Food so can order anything from their catalogue. Plus various people, especially Big G picked up flours from different sources last year.

Wood burning ovens need most planning. Terry, there’s a concrete patio at the back of the club and there is nothing more I would love to see than a whole line-up of different ovens along the length of it. So if you can bring the mobile oven and park it next to Joe’s, that would be great. Carl has said he could come down and have a look at the site and it would be good to have a little working group of Carl, Terry, Matt, Geraint, Joe (if you can get him to blog)  and anyone else interested to coordinate ovens especially if you go ahead with a mud oven. I haven’t heard from my local contacts yet. Need a geologist to locate clay.

I’ll try and collate all the who’s coming, eating what, camping etc info.

Geraint asked about a work table rota. There should be five work tables. That should be sufficient for at least 20 bakers at any one time. The club also has loads of formica-topped which might not be at the perfect height but can be used if we need more. What we really need is for people to be able to negotiate with each other and to be disciplined about cleaning up after themselves and stashing their gear away from the work area.

Stig and Emily at least are interested in enriched doughs. Well, you have Robin and his proper brioche and Ben and Zeb do fairly amazing looking stollen. You only have to get a little group together and start before Sunday.

Sourdough Q&A? Well what can I possibly say but buy my little book!



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3 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. cannyfradock says:


    If Joe is bringing his mobile WFO then I won’t chase up the offer from Jay Emery, the man behind Dingley-dell. It would defeat the object of having a ready-made Pizza oven at hand. (If Joe starts posting we can arrange this mobile WFO a bit better)…it’s always nice to have options.

    As far as building a Pompeii AND a Clay/Cob oven…..I have provisionally spoken to Jewsons. Although our forum is non-commercial (I don’t receive a penny from them) they have given our forum members a discount of up to 74% off their list price via an account number to the forum members. I have asked for a “special price” for materials needed to build the base(s) ….after all the trade they have received from our forum members. They have agreed in principle but need a list of our requirements. My negotiating price for any materials needed will be “free of charge”…and hope to come close to that figure if any deal is made. They have said that deliveries can be made from Denby…..I don’t know if that is the closest depot to Bethesda?

    I have experience in Pompeii oven building, but only have limited reading knowledge in the building of a clay/cob oven, but would love to have the experience of seeing one built.


  2. bethesdabakers says:

    The nearest Jewsons is a couple of miles away on Llandegai Industrial Estate – Denbigh is probably 40 miles away. I’ll try texting Joe see what’s happening.


  3. bethesdabakers says:

    Just spoke to Joe. He’s going to contact you. He’s hoping to bring the oven but it sounds like he has a way to go to get it road legal.

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