I’m just sipping a Tom Collins and doing a little prepping for lunch on Easter Sunday when someone parks a big four wheel drive outside the kitchen window. I put on my most aggressive glare in case the intruder glances in but it’s Jay and Gill not to mention the noble and aging Muttley in need of a bowl of water. They live at Trefriw in the Conway Valley and in his garden Jay has a wood burning oven:
So we sit in the garden in the sun and discuss Bethesdabakin’. Several days earlier Rick said he would take a lead with the catering and contact Jay. Had he been in touch with Jay? No.

Anyway, Jay is more than happy to take a lead with Rick. He organises events for boomerang throwers from around the world so he is well used to catering for large numbers + he has his outdoor cooking gear which I for one will be very interested to see.

Note: This doesn’t mean that Jay & Rick are going to do all the cooking or even decide on menus – that’s for everyone to be involved in. But it’s quite useful if someone takes a lead.

Jay is a tree surgeon and has promised to bring wood for ovens. I had to laugh as well when it became apparent he wasn’t sure about baking with all you “experts”:
Don’t really think he has anything to worry about. It’s that Ben who worries me …


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2 Responses to Jay

  1. rick says:

    Mick , there’s no need for little cutting comments with me. You know I’ll deliver the goods if I say I will. Like you I’ve been a bit on the busy side myself lately, if you don’t feel you can trust me to come through with the help needed in time I’m quite happy to step back and let someone else get the food side of things together with Jay.
    Best of luck to them.

  2. bethesdabakers says:

    Well, there you go. I’ve even managed to upset Rick. You are the last person I thought would take me seriously, Rick. I’ve tried to phone you twice, I’m going to France tomorrow and keeping my head down.

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