Joys of Life

Hey Emily

You’ll enjoy the Joys of Life. They have beautiful grounds and a big lake with wildlife. My only photo is of two of their ducks:
You should have plenty of bread to feed them.

They also have a Blue Plaque to commemorate the stay by Jeremy Shapiro at Bethesdabakin’1 in 2007.
They say you can still hear his ghost trying to find his way home …


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6 Responses to Joys of Life

  1. Jeremy says:

    Wish I was going this time……Maybe you know of a place looking for a chef/baker??


  2. Just wondering with all these cyclists (Phil Joy has now joined their ranks) whether someone could design a cycle powered oven…

    • bakingben says:

      I’ve seen a pedal powered flour mill before…

      • The Cornish Exile says:

        My (new) bike will be with me again (the last one got nicked), and I’m very happy to rig it up to whatever contraption we can think of. I’d have to get up some serious speed to get the brakes up to 400C to cook some pizza though (even the Bethesda hills probably aren’t steep enough for that). Perhaps a pedal powered mixer?

  3. emilydev9 says:

    Looking forward, Mick! If we run into Jeremy’s ghost, we’ll make sure he gets back ok. 😉

  4. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Emily,
    I’d even bring my bike this time, Ben and I could finally have a good ride….be sad knowing I won’t be there…so miss my mates, especially Sue, Mick, Nina, Ben…Where’s Ghost dog??

    Love from the otherside of the pond….
    Half a few pints on me…or for me…Ta!

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