Starting new posts – troubleshooting

Ben emailed me asking how to write a post with images as he said he kept getting the Dales Dough Do blog. So for anyone else in the same position….

If you posted on the Dalesdoughdo use the same username and email address as you did there and WordPress will recognise you. However, if you haven’t subscribed to WordPress then do so now, see this post.

However you still need to be added to the list of authors, so please give that information to Mick or me and we will add you to the blog user list.

Then you log in to Site Admin, and arrive at the Dashboard and the blog is your oyster !

The fastest way to write a post is to use Quickpress – bottom right corner of Dashboard screen. It allows you to upload and insert images, hover over the little icons to see what they do and do a few basic things, if you want to do something fancier
then you need to use the main post writing screen.

You can see your post either in Visual Editor – basically as it will appear, or if you are so inclined you can write it in HTML by clicking on one of the tabs.

It is a good idea to ‘tag’ your post with keywords, i.e. oven, bread, food, greed, oyster and so on. And if you can use the categories too, it all helps other people to find posts that they are interested in reading, or want to refer back to at a later date. I have done it for a couple to give you the idea.

I am adding each author who starts a post as a ‘category’ of their own. That means that if you want to search Mick’s posts easily, all you have to do is click where it says ‘Posts by Mick’ and then you should get them all come up on one screen.

So once you have started a post off, please add your name as a category and check the box when you write a post. I have read a few discussions on using the blog format for groups and this is what they all recommend.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for comments and the Search button doesn’t search comments only the texts of the original posts.

One last thing…

If you want a pic to follow you round the internet like a little lamb, they are called gravatars and you can get one here  at the gravatar website.

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