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Parents arrived with a pound of SAF-instant gold yeast, for sweet doughs. Oh and of course it’s nice to see them as well 😉 Don’t let me forget to bring it in July! Emily xx

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Joys of Life

Hey Emily You’ll enjoy the Joys of Life. They have beautiful grounds and a big lake with wildlife. My only photo is of two of their ducks: You should have plenty of bread to feed them. They also have a … Continue reading

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I’m just sipping a Tom Collins and doing a little prepping for lunch on Easter Sunday when someone parks a big four wheel drive outside the kitchen window. I put on my most aggressive glare in case the intruder glances … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

Sorry to have disappeared from the blogosphere but I’ve been been seriously busy – two 2 day individual microbakery courses in three weeks on top of everything else and trying to escape to France. First, probably best to say, it’s … Continue reading

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I’d like to…

I will quickly start up a post here for chat about what breads, techniques etc you are all dreaming about having a go at. Any other post headings you want, either start a new post yourself or suggest it in … Continue reading

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Subscribe to the Blog

It is a really good idea if everyone who wants to come to this event subscribes to this blog. Mick has plonked an admin hat on my head so I have taken the liberty of adding a subscription and registration … Continue reading

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Time You People Started Planning

Big G just emailed to ask what baking facilities are going to be available particularly because we have a large group of bakers. This was my reply: “Well, the rugby club has a hit & miss Falcon 6 burner with … Continue reading

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