Ovens & Fires

As I understand it the present situation is that Terry is intending to tow up the mobile oven.
Is there still any movement for a mud oven to be constructed?
Is Jay still intending to bring his outdoor cooking gear?
If people put info in the comments box, I’ll summarise and post the details here.

Some site photos that might be of help:

The back of the club doesn’t really show off the gothic splendour of its interiors but it is a very practical building. (1) shows the double doors to the kitchen. (2) is the concrete apron outside of the club where Rick had his original Bodger Oven. The mobile oven could be parked here and a mud oven constructed. (3) & (4) are sites were Jay could possibly have a cooking fire. The same numbers apply to the other photographs.

The back of the club square on.

(3) Possible fire site at the end of the car park. Path to the left down to the club house (showers etc.) and camping on the pitch.

(4) Funny little spur along the fence right opposite the club. About 5ft wide – could be a possible fire site.

1 Response to Ovens & Fires

  1. Matt Bourne says:

    Hi all,
    Just a quickie re the cob build discussion. Afraid I’ve been preoccupied at home – a close family member is gravely ill, so sorry I’ve not contributed any more to that discussion. I’m nervous about committing to a build now, in case things take a turn here, but still hoping to make it up for most or at least part of the weekend.

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