Who’s Coming

27.06.11 Latest

Definites                                                                             Paid
Meself & Sue                                                                        £75.00
Rick Coldman + Maggie                                                      £50.00
Phil Joy
Jay Butters + Gill                                                                £50.00
Jack Sideburns                                                                    £50.00
Edward Sideburns                                                              £50.00
Terry Lyons                                                                         £50.00
Matt Bourne                                                                        £50.00
Stig                                                                                        £50.00
Big G (Gareth) & Jackie                                                     £50.00
Lynne Watson & Partner                                                   £75.00
Geraint Roberts + Tess (non baking)                              £50.00
Emily Devoto + Andrew                                                     £75.00
Carl Legge                                                                            £50.00
Lance Sullen + Claire (baking)                                         £100.00
Anne & Andy (Felin Ganol – one baking, one not)          £75.00
Nina Holm Jensen                                                               £50.00
Ben Johnson                                                                         £50.00
Paul Youd
Joe Firebeard
Robin Irving                                                                         £50.00
Chris Young (Real Bread Campaign)                                £50.00
Renee Taylor
Glenn                                                                                     £50.00

Sallie Hooper

24 Responses to Who’s Coming

  1. Sallie Hooper says:

    Struggling at the moment with elderly family commitments so will say no so that you have a proper idea of numbers. If I can make it nearer the time will just lurk in the background and be no problem to anyone. Sallie

  2. bethesdabakers says:

    Hi Sallie

    If you can make it you shall have a place at the front and can stomp on anyone else.

    If it’s last minute and you have problems with accommodation please get in touch.


  3. jay and gill says:

    We will arrive Friday/ camping on field/ one baker and one partner/no special diets /happy to muck in with oven building/ fires and food prep etc/ whatevers needed .
    Jay and Gill

  4. anne says:

    Anne and Andy (Felin Ganol) think we’ll be arriving Friday, camping with our VW (does this count as camping or motor caravan?) One baker and one partner.
    We are happy to contribute flour, free for the weekend and we could bring extra to sell if it works for people and they want to take any home. It’ll be really useful for us to see how our different flours perform. So… please can we have some ideas on anything people might like to try and what sort of quantities we’re looking at? We can mill coarse/fine as required.

  5. Matt Bourne says:

    As per Mick’s email plea for more info, here are my vital stats:

    Who: Just me
    Accom: Camping with tent
    Food: I’ll eat pretty much anything
    Stay: Arriving am 1st July, leaving pm 4th July


  6. sgratch says:

    I’ll bring a tent and (non-baking) partner Tess either on Friday, or a few days before if oven-building plans require this.

  7. Right – I’m a definite. Will try to keep an eye on the forum every now and then.

  8. emilydev9 says:

    Just to clarify, I’m baking (Emily Devoto), my partner Andrew is not. We are currently looking into accommodation, arriving the 1st, leaving the 3rd.

  9. masoodb says:

    Hello folks,

    I’m gutted, but am going to have to back out. A reorganisation at work has seen my shift pattern change, and I’m now down to work that weekend. Am trying to swap shifts with people, but getting someone to part with a weekend has never been more than wishful thinking…

    Hope you all have a wonderful time, and if by some miracle I manage to get the weekend free, I will let you know.


    • That’s a real shame Masood, I was looking forward to meeting up with you. Sorry about the delay in posting your comment, I think Mick is out of the country right now. Maybe another time, or if the weekend comes free maybe July after all. Best wishes, Joanna

  10. Matt Bourne says:

    Sorry to hear you can’t come Masood, was looking forward to that beer 🙂 If the gods of baking make it so that you can come, give me a shout if you need a lift.


  11. Will be present over the entire weekend to bake if possible, and will have occasional little one around. Will sleep in own bed at home. Will be around about if help needed week before to set up of ferry.

  12. I, that is me -Big-G, will be coming up, but will not be able to get there until Saturday Morning. Will be staying @ Bangor travelodge, and my wife Jackie ‘might’ join us, depending on weather, and therefore whether, she gets to walk Snowdon. If any other non baking partners are looking to do similar, please let me know. She’s not really an experienced hillwalker, so I’d rather she had company. She’s thinking of doing the ranger walk.
    Oh, and I’m there until about midday Monday. Look forward to seeing you all again and meting new faces..

    • bethesdabakers says:

      Gareth my chum

      That is very excellent.

      I will put something up about flour & ingredients in the next couple of days. Would you be in a position to bring flours I can’t get my mits on like last year?


  13. Probably, but depends on how much Jackie will let us carry in her car, also will need to know in the next week or so, so I can pick it up at the same time as my regular flour order, so best yo let me know what and how much asap.


  14. We are going to have to drop out as I have explained to Mick by email. It would have been great to meet you all. I hope to see you one day in the future at another event. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. bethesdabakers says:

    I’ve emailed Zeb back to say that it’s very sad that she’s had to pull out especially after all the work she’s put in on the blog while I’ve been sitting in the sun.

    I think she deserves everyone’s thanks and best wishes.

    Who am I going to trade recipes with for beer now you’re not coming …?

    • cannyfradock says:


      So sorry to hear that you will be unable to make the Bethesda 5 meet.

      Last year was the first time that I attended anything like this and I was very apprehensive on how a “Domestic baking apprentice”(plenty of experience…just no success)….would fit in with experienced bakers. I would say that everybody helped me but I would like to say a big thank-you for your patience in going out of your way to help the less experienced bakers.

      ….you’ll be missed

      All the best


  16. You’ll see me again one of these days, thanks for all the nice messages everyone 😀

  17. Robin says:

    Maybe next year? Where will that be I wonder…

  18. Gareth says:

    Paid for me, since not sure what my wife intends doing at the mo. At best she will probably only make Sat. Evening, so please don’t count her, if there is a change, then will happily make an adjusting contribution at the time. Mick let me know if you aren’t happy with this.

  19. Robin says:

    I’d like to send you some money (got your attention now) but I must have missed the bit where you say how to send it. Could you mail me the details?

  20. stig23 says:

    Hi Jo – I am just catching up with the blog and very sorry to see that you will not be there. I’ll miss you. Stig x

  21. PaulY says:

    Made a booking at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge today for the Saturday night – only staying the one night. I was surprised it wasn’t booked out – I was all set to camp. Anyone looking for accommodation could give this place a go.

    Let me know if you don’t mind sharing.


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